Basic questions about cyber security 

I wrote this article last year as a simple introduction to cyber security.  It may help with developing the security culture that is essential to all organisations if they are to survive effectively in this cyber-enabled world. Information Security Management I hope it is useful to you.  

Cyber crime 

An article available from this web site which I have written about cyber-crime.

Assessment work undertaken by Aquila 

One of the areas in which we work is assessments.  This article was written about that work on behalf of one client APMG International.  Take a look. APMG – Providing Certification and Accreditation to Organizations and Individuals

UK Parliament attack on email accounts 

This appears to have been managed and eventually closed down. It does raise the question though that if 90 or so accounts were compromised, were the controls in place working at the appropriately high level 5 maturity?  This is the true test of effective cyber security.  It is not a “tick box” activity of […]

WannaCry, BA and lessons to learn 

The events of recent weeks have again highlighted the incredible impact on businesses of all types of attack on the IT and communications systems. It is clear that many UK and world-wide organisations were very badly affected by the WannaCry attack and, more recently, BA’s power supply problems led to major disruption for many people. […]

What businesses should know about cyber security. 

This is a brief interview covering some of the basic essentials of which every business should be aware. It’s not long and should you need more, plenty of information is available to help.

National Cyber Security enquiry. 

Parliament is holding an enquiry into the cyber security world in the UK. Join the debate here!

More about Ransomware 

I have mentioned ransomware in an earlier post but there is now a new discussion taking place in security circles.  This relates to the different types of ransomware now being seen and whether the type really matters. It is clear, from too many sources to mention, that ransomware continues to grow and is widely perceived […]

Sharing information 

I was recently sent a link to an excellent short video showing the dangers of sharing information in our modern lives. It is here and it worth a look just to make you aware how easy it is to find out all about you. There is an incredibly difficult balance to be drawn. On […]


This is becoming a major attack method for criminals keen to get their hands on your money. They get you to download some software that then encrypts your files. They then ask you to pay them to unencrypt the files – usually not too much money, enough to make it worth their while but not […]