Management of Change

management-of-change3Any piece of work that is new to an organisation can bring huge benefits but may also bring major problems and complexity.  Planning a new initiative is critical and should be done using best practice.  In project terms this is now seen as PRINCE2®, developed by the UK government and exported to over 50 countries.  

A number of projects put together become a programme and this has additional and potentially even more damaging consequences if not managed properly.  Best practice in this field is Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®), again developed by the UK government and now exported world-wide.  PRINCE2® and MSP® are complemented by the highest level of change management, the Management of Portfolios (MoP®), which considers not just the new initiatives but also the maintenance of the current business-as-usual.

Agile project management is an area gaining importance in the project management world and it can lead to the much more efficient delivery of change initiatives.  It can also lead to some significant issues in, for example, the areas of the management of change and documentation.  APMG-International Agile Project Management (AgilePM®) is a simple method designed to improve delivery efficiency and reduce risk of overruns in time and cost.

Implementing any or all of these systems needs careful consideration if they are not to overwhelm an organisation with undue bureaucracy and administration.  We can help in all these areas with implementation, teaching, coaching and mentoring, or with a maturity assessment to see how well you are doing it already.