Included here are links to publications, webinars, interviews and other information that we have produced or in which we have been involved.  Please feel free to check these out, provide feedback and share as you see fit.

A practical guide to cyber security white paper:

CFO Agenda white paper – cyber security for Chief Finance Officers:

Assessment of cyber security – an introduction to CDCAT(R):

BCS book – Information Security Management Principles:

Webinar looking at Wannacry and how to avoid it in the future:

Discussion about the importance of assessing the maturity of security controls nit just their compliance with a standard:

How to prepare for a breach:

Want to prove to others that you are a competent cyber security professional – this webinar will tell you how to do it:

Some thoughts on the Petya attack.

The use of CDCAT(R) in helping to improve the overall cyber security of organisations.